He Moved Through The Fair

About The Film

Ireland's folklore has often been taken lightheartedly, embracing the idea of 'leprechauns' and the 'little people'. This story draws from the true roots of our native mythology. It is based on real stories and fears, which still remain true to life in rural Ireland. They hark back to a time when stories were not just to entertain and scare but to warn and keep people safe. This story reminds us, among other things, to beware of 'The Other Crowd'.

Mick was a simple man; never spared a thought for yarns. Fairies? Pah! Stories to scare children. Yet this man, with no time for superstition, finds himself facing a nightmare he can scarcely believe.

Cast & Crew

Thomas Byrne
Jane Deasy
Kevin Lalor-Fitzpatrick
Roxanne Byrne

John Hennessy

Production Designer:
Will Higgins

Sound Designer:
Trevor McCormack

John Hennessy & Martin Rochford

Jack Kavanagh

Lucy Jones

VFX Supervisor
Jack Watts

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